BCA website live!

Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback on the new website design. We will be doing some additional content updates as we go and enhancing the site to provide value to BCA supporters and residents/businesses in the Burbank Community.

Special thanks to Jubilation Photography for the Burbank theater photos!

BCA April General Meeting – thank you!

Thank you to the BCA supporters and Burbank residents that were able to make it to the April 20th General Meeting. Deputy Ridgeway from the Santa Clara County Sheriff was very informative and we were also fortunate to have Alisha Schoen from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office and Mitchell Nelson from the Santa Clara County Supervisor’s Office provide some updates as well.

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 20th, 2016 at the Rose Garden Library.

BCA Elects new Board

The membership of the Burbank Community Association elected 5 new members of the BCA’s Board of Directors at its last meeting Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Meeting separately, the new board members selected the roles of Board officers. The five new Board members and their roles are (in order of sign-in):

  • Pete Sclafani – Marketing and Communications
  • Jane Power – Chair
  • Laura Ybarro – Vice Chair
  • Samantha Robinson – Secretary
  • Henni Kaufman – Treasurer

Two existing Board members, Ken Colson and Dmitriy Afanasyev, retain their positions.

Email contacts for the new Board are listed on this website’s Contact and Board pages.