Without the wonderful individuals who volunteer, the Burbank Community Association would not be able to provide the voice, communications, events, and services to the residents and businesses we serve.

Here are some ways to get involved and contribute to the Burbank Community and the BCA.

Attend a BCA Meeting or Event

The BCA works to represent the Burbank Community – which means your feedback and suggestions are very important. One of the easiest ways to get involved? Come to a BCA meeting or event and meet with Burbank neighbors, local government representatives and other BCA members.

Check out Upcoming Events


The BCA has a variety of volunteer opportunities ranging from community liaisons to even helping curate web content or gather feedback from the Burbank community. If you have the skills and can volunteer even an hour per month, that is a tremendous help.

Email us with your volunteer interests and ideas to see how you can help!

Become a BCA Member

By supporting the BCA with your paid membership, you are supporting an organization whose purpose is to represent the Burbank community. Given the Burbank long history and current position as an “unincorporated area” within one of the largest cities in California, having representation and regular interactions with county and city agencies is not only in your best interest, but that of the Burbank community as well.

Member sign up is quick and easy – Go to our Member Planet page to join.