BCA Community Update

Dear Community,

2020 has presented a variety of challenges to our Burbank community, and we wanted to post an update to share  the work that we continue to do behind the scenes. While meeting in person is a challenge we are doing what we can remotely and reaching out as we always have.

We have heard feedback from area residents about various items and we pledge to continue efforts and adapt the changes that we are all experiencing. While the circumstances have changed for all of us, there is still a need and desire to keep the Burbank as a place we can live in safely and be proud to call home. Onto the latest updates!

  1. General Community Safety: The Sheriff’s office has been dealing with budget cuts as well, and this included cuts to the Community Liaison role. We re-introduced ourselves to the current Lieutenant and Sergeant of Burbank Patrol Units. They have committed to sharing a quarterly report of events that take place in the Burbank that we can share with the community.
  2. Burbank Theater: We have made contact with the property management company go the Burbank Theater. They are aware of the current condition of the vandalized building. They have visited the site and evaluating options (adding a fence around the property, painting over graffiti, etc.). Now that we have identified the property management representative, we will keep at it to ensure positive actions are taken.

That’s all for now – we will expect to do more updates in this manner to provide more visibility into our behind the scenes activities.

As always – if you have specific concerns or problems, check out our Resource page and if you can’t find what you need, feel free to contact us or post on Nextdoor.

-The Burbank Community Association (BCA)

BCA General Meeting on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Burbank residents are invited to our next BCA General Meeting to be held on July 17th, 2019 at 7pm in the Rose Garden Library Community Room. Please park on the street as the Rose Garden parking garage will close at 7pm!
Address: Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Speakers are representatives from:

– County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg’s office
– District Attorney of Santa Clara County
– Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office

Primary Topics are in response to community feedback regarding homelessness in the Burbank District. We are expecting to talk through issues, but also ensure a productive discussion regarding updates from these groups to review what they are doing to assist today and also provide information on how the community can engage to assist in addressing these issues on an ongoing basis. As with many community issues, community involvement is crucial and the Burbank is no different.

Contact us at board@burbankscc.org if you have any additional suggestions for this meeting or future meeting topics.

BCA General Meeting on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Burbank residents are invited to our next BCA general Meeting to be held on April 10th, 2019 at 7pm in the Rose Garden Library Community Room. Please park on the street as the Rose Garden parking garage will close at 7pm!
Address: Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Speakers are representatives from:

– County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg’s office
Associate District Attorney of Santa Clara County Alisha Schoen
– The new representative from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office

Topics are all in response to safety in the Burbank District. We will be holding elections for filling in open positions on the BCA board. In order to be elected to a position, potential board members must have an active membership in the BCA along with some computer knowledge and an active email address. Contact us at board@burbankscc.org if you have any questions about joining the BCA Board!

RECAP – BCA General Meeting – March 28, 2018

BCA General Meeting RECAP notes

March 28, 2018


1) Emergency Preparedness in the Burbank, by Patty Eaton
Patty provided some useful links regarding tools that county provides for emergency readiness.
AlertSCC – AlertSCC is a free, easy, and confidential way for anyone who lives or works in Santa Clara County to get emergency warnings sent directly to their cell phone, mobile device, email, or landline.
ReadySCC – ReadySCC helps you create a plan, put together a kit, and know what to do and where to go in an emergency. Please share with family, friends and neighbors. ReadySCC is free from the App Store or Google Play.
– Basic Readiness – Focus on Earthquakes! Simple tips that residents can easily follow:
a) Have a shoes/socks/flashlight by the bed
b) Confirm “secure” sleeping spaces for family and pets – make sure bookcases, etc. are secured so in case of an earthquake, sleeping areas will cause minimal damage from internal debris
c) Family communication plan – document/plan a way for your family to communicate in the case of an emergency.
d) Go Bag – have a bag ready so some basic supplies, important papers and communication devices. This way you can easily grab things in one place in the case of an emergency.

2) SCC District Attorney Update – There were some issues reported regarding parking on the sidewalk/curb area by the Burbank theater. Working with other Country groups, there were some signs installed to help mitigate this issue.  There is a Neighborhood Watch meeting in conjunction with the Buena Vista Community Association to be held at the Rose Garden Library at 7pm on April 19th, 2018. Finally, there continues to be progress with addressing illicit massage businesses, one of the challenges has been that the SCC Task Force is authorized for business located on property in the Burbank. For properties located in the City of San Jose (even if they are next to Burbank properties) – the jurisdiction process means that San Jose resources have to address violations.

3) SCC Emergency Communications Overview, by Chris Mercado
SCC Public Orientation (Brief)
Non emergency numbers:

Sheriff’s Office Emergency: 408-299-3233

Sheriff’s Office Non-emergency: 408-299-2311

Medical Emergency (anywhere in Santa Clara County): 408-299-3325

San Jose Police Emergency: 408-277-8911

San Jose Police Non-emergency: 408-277-8900

San Jose Fire Emergency: 408-277-8991

San Jose Fire Non-Emergency: 408-277-8950

San Jose Abandoned Vehicles: 408-277-5305

4) Ken Yeager’s Office Update – There has been progress with updating the blight ordinance for SCC. The County Council is expected to make some long overdue updates to the ordinance that reflect the different communities that make up the County – rural and urban.

5) Burbank Sanitary District – There was a call for interested Burbank residents to reach out to the BSD regarding upcoming openings for the Board of Directors. There was also a flyer/reminder about an upcoming general meeting announcement on April 24th, 7pm at the Rose Garden Library.

6) BCA Business – BCA Board Nominations were made and approved for Henni Kaufmann, Michael Bruce and Spencer Ehler.

BCA General Meeting on Wednesday, March 28 2018

Burbank residents are invited to our next BCA general Meeting to be held on March 28th, 2018 at 7pm in the Rose Garden Library Community Room. Please park on the street as the Rose Garden parking garage will close at 7pm!
Address: Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Get to know Emergency Services in the Burbank! presented by Public & Risk Communications Officer, Patty Eaton.
Burbank area updates from:
– Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
– Baltazar Lopez (Office of County Supervisor Ken Yeager)
– Alisha Schoen (Deputy District Attorney, Santa Clara County)

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  • The BCA Board

RECAP – BCA General Meeting – October 18, 2017

General meeting was called to order at 7pm on October 18, 2017.


General BCA updates included noting that at the March 21, 2018 meeting new board members will be nominated and elected. For more information on volunteering or getting involved with the BCA Board, please email board@burbankscc.org.

Dr. Ortiz – Luther Burbank School Superintendent and Principal

  • Dr. Ortiz gave a brief history of the K-8 school located in the Burbank. They have made progress with making historical data more accessible with their new website at https://www.lbsd.k12.ca.us/.
  • Reviewed some of the high level elements of the 3 year Strategic Plan that they are working on
  • He mentioned that there were Board seats opening up – for more information: https://www.lbsd.k12.ca.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=88
  • Dr. Ortiz fielded some questions from the audience. Some more notable questions were:
    • How does a school like Luther Burbank “manage debt” as part of a balanced budget? Dr. Ortiz reviewed some of the ways that schools in the district request and manage budgets. It was a helpful overview that showed how debt could be managed effectively, but he was also clear that if they were not fiscally responsible, corrective actions would be taken by the District.
    • How does a “whole child” focus work in reality? The presentation provided some slides on educational goals for the “whole child” – this was just another way of ensuring that education addressed both the academic and social aspects of students.
    • What long term student success metrics are there? Dr. Ortiz mentioned that prior to his tenure, long term student outcomes were not aggressively tracked. He has worked closely with the feeder schools that take in Luther Burbank graduates to ensure more data gets back to the Luther Burbank administration for better real-world results and verification.

Kieran Kelly – Santa Clara Supervisor, Ken Yeager’s Office

  • Reviewed current state of fire safety. As part of mutual aid agreements with other local communities, he mentioned that some fire services/resources are elsewhere in California assisting with fire and recovery efforts.
  • Reminded the community to look at BART Phase 2 – as it is an active project being researched for various impact studies: http://www.vta.org/bart/stationsphaseII
  • Notable audience questions:
    • How is the water district/County working to prevent flooding this winter?
    • San Jose Urban Village: It looked like there was some confusion regarding the Urban Village proposal and how it would impact the Burbank area. Kieran did clarify that the map that was sent to residents may not have been clear. He re-iterated that any property annexation would go through normal channels and that the Urban Village plan (http://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=1738) was not there to subvert standard policy.

Deputy Valdivia – Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

  • Gave a brief overview of current efforts in the Burbank area. He mentioned that with the holidays coming up to be more aware of package thefts and gave a reminder about Patrol Check Requests. For residents away on vacation, the Sheriff will check on your property while you are away and may provide some added peace of mind while you are traveling.
  • Reminded the audience that reporting incidents was still very important – posting something on social media or Next Door is not the same as calling the Sheriff. They rely on reports from the community – so it was a good reminder to let the Sheriff know what was going on and not assume that social media was visible them.

Alisha Schoen – Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office

  • Gave an update on Tip Top Liquors – the changes they had made to their store was helping keep loitering minimized
  • Massage parlor abatement is ongoing – contact Alisha if there suspected parlors in the Burbank that should be checked out.
  • The department is working with Luther Burbank on a new K-5 truancy pilot project
  • The department is working with SJPD regarding homeless encampment issues
  • There is some research being done to see how to increase pedestrian visibility on Bascom Avenue – especially at night
  • Reminder that with holidays come delivery thieves – so be careful!

BCA General Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Burbank residents are invited to our next BCA general Meeting to be held on October 18th, 2017 at 7pm in the Rose Garden Library Community Room. Please park on the street as the Rose Garden parking garage will close at 7pm!
Address: Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose CA 95126
Get to know the Luther Burbank School District! presented by Superintendent Dr. Christopher Ortiz
Burbank area updates from:
– Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
– Kieran Kelly (Office of County Supervisor Ken Yeager)
– Alisha Schoen (Deputy District Attorney, Santa Clara County)

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Meeting PDF

See you on the 18th!

  • The BCA Board

RECAP – BCA General Meeting – July 19, 2017

Special thanks to our General Meeting attendees from the community and the our roster of presenters. What follows are an overview of the items discussed and any related information that might be useful to those that were not able to attend the meeting.

1) A Representative from the Burbank Sanitary District notified the community that they are actively looking for people interested in joining their Board of Directors. For more information feel free to contact one of the BSD Directors for more information.

2) Main Topic – Waterwise Gardening
Speaker: Rene Prupes, Master Gardener
a) Reviewed some best practices:
– Soil care – using compost/mulch to help keep plants healthy and retaining water in the infamous clay soil that is common in the area. Dr Steven Andrews had some good things to say about compost/mulch strategies to keep soil healthy
– Stressed the importance of looking at plants above and below the soil to better gauge health.
– Drip irrigation is key to focus watering efforts and also make sure to water early in the morning to minimize evaporation and water loss.
– When managing your garden, use the “hydra zoning” technique – group plants by water usage and leverage other plants to shade more water-needy plants.
– Give seasonal planting a try – don’t think that fruits/vegetables only grow in the spring/summer – try looking at fall/winter planting for more variety.
– Rene also reminded attendees about the Master Gardener program local in San Jose where there a variety of services available.

Speaker: Patty McInturff, Burbank Gardeners Group
b) Patty gave an overview of her approach to gardening and especially her system for using rainwater in her yard.
– One key was connecting rain barrels together to capture water from a single downspout, but ensure that it filled up multiple barrels.
– With rain barrels – being aware of mosquito control is important – so ensure that you take that into account so your irrigation water doesn’t introduce pests.
– One strategy shared for integrating water barrels was a downspout diverter – this allows for the barrel(s) to fill and if they hit capacity, the overflow goes down the downspout with any back flow issues.
– For using the water in your yard, you will typically prefer a pump or some way to get the water out of the barrel into your irrigation system/hose.

3) Community Update – Santa Clara County Sheriff
a) We had a brief presentation session on the roll out of body cameras to the approx 1200 Deputies in Santa Clara County. They have about 50% deployed and have taken almost 36,000 videos since the program started.
b) Reminded residents to please continue reporting any incidents or needs – if issues are not reported, the Sheriff’s office can’t allocate resources reliably!
c) Reminder regarding Neighborhood Watch programs and to contact the Sheriff’s office for more information on starting a program on your street
d) National Night Out is August 1!  If you would like a visit to your local celebration fill out the request form.

4) Community Update – County Supervisor’s Office
a) VTA Bascom Corridor Complete Streets Study is ongoing –
b) There has been positive movement on designating the Burbank Theater marquee to have historical importance as part of the Burbank community.
c) With the closing of Time Deli, options are being explored to see if the Time Deli clock marquee may also be considered historically important.
d) Senior Scam Stopper Seminar: August 21, 11AM to 1PM at Rose Garden Library Community Room. Get more information on how to prevent being a victim of fraud.

5) Community Update – District Attorney’s Office
a) Time Deli closure was prompted by a lawsuit brought about for lack of compliance with ADA disability access standards for the restaurant. Before the building is leased again, it will require renovations – this will naturally delay the availability of the building to a new tenant.
b) Tip Top Liquors has made numerous updates to their storefront area to help reduce the consumption of liquor on the premises. Thanks to the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s office for working together with the store owner and the building owner to find creative ways to decrease loitering and other infractions.
c) The DA’s office is co-hosting with SJPD a series of community workshops on burglary prevention. If you can’t make one of the workshops – here is a PDF of burglary prevention tips.