Dear Community,

2020 has presented a variety of challenges to our Burbank community, and we wanted to post an update to share  the work that we continue to do behind the scenes. While meeting in person is a challenge we are doing what we can remotely and reaching out as we always have.

We have heard feedback from area residents about various items and we pledge to continue efforts and adapt the changes that we are all experiencing. While the circumstances have changed for all of us, there is still a need and desire to keep the Burbank as a place we can live in safely and be proud to call home. Onto the latest updates!

  1. General Community Safety: The Sheriff’s office has been dealing with budget cuts as well, and this included cuts to the Community Liaison role. We re-introduced ourselves to the current Lieutenant and Sergeant of Burbank Patrol Units. They have committed to sharing a quarterly report of events that take place in the Burbank that we can share with the community.
  2. Burbank Theater: We have made contact with the property management company go the Burbank Theater. They are aware of the current condition of the vandalized building. They have visited the site and evaluating options (adding a fence around the property, painting over graffiti, etc.). Now that we have identified the property management representative, we will keep at it to ensure positive actions are taken.

That’s all for now – we will expect to do more updates in this manner to provide more visibility into our behind the scenes activities.

As always – if you have specific concerns or problems, check out our Resource page and if you can’t find what you need, feel free to contact us or post on Nextdoor.

-The Burbank Community Association (BCA)