Burbank residents are invited to our next BCA general Meeting to be held on April 10th, 2019 at 7pm in the Rose Garden Library Community Room. Please park on the street as the Rose Garden parking garage will close at 7pm!
Address: Rose Garden Library, 1580 Naglee Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Speakers are representatives from:

– County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg’s office
Associate District Attorney of Santa Clara County Alisha Schoen
– The new representative from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office

Topics are all in response to safety in the Burbank District. We will be holding elections for filling in open positions on the BCA board. In order to be elected to a position, potential board members must have an active membership in the BCA along with some computer knowledge and an active email address. Contact us at board@burbankscc.org if you have any questions about joining the BCA Board!